Our car fleet management solution is a real tool at the service of safety, quality and the reduction of operational costs inherent in the management of a car fleet.

It consists of an all-in-one solution consisting of a hardware offer (GPS beacons) and accessories, the monitoring and configuration platform as well as support in the event of breakdowns or any other maintenance need.

Reasons to choose our solution

Using our fleet management solution will allow you to:

  • To know in real time the position of each vehicle, its speed, the driver as well as other optional parameters (at the customer's request);
  • To find your vehicle in the event of theft thanks to its location and the possibility of turning off the engine and immobilizing the stolen vehicle;
  • Automate the monitoring and execution of routine maintenance of all the fleet vehicles thanks to an ingenious system of notifications and alerts based on the mileage actually carried out by vehicles;
  • Real-time monitoring of fuel consumption using sensors directly connected to the vehicle's CANBus;
  • To promote eco-driving by highlighting poor driving practices (speeding, sharp turns, sudden braking, excessive driving hours, etc.).

Tailor-made offer

Depending on your needs in terms of security, we offer several packages corresponding to different renderings.